One-on-one offline training focuses on self-discovery, self-development, releasing tension and unleashing creativity, and is therefore recommended for those who are still searching for their path, as well as for those who already have a concrete vision and are working towards it.

The material of the training is the individual, whose expectations and goals are defined, and we work with individualised exercises to deepen self-awareness, to free oneself from barriers and to find possibilities for inner renewal.

The course s also running in English.

The individual training process is self-contained: a total of at least 5 concentrated, jointly designed, 90-120-minute sessions.

The first session is a consultation to identify stagnation points, localise problems and set common development goals.

In the following sessions, the training will continue based on what has been discussed, during which the individual can relax, turn their energies inwards and learn to look at their personality in a more reflective way. Concentration, presence and physical stamina are developed. The training concentrates on inner, physical-psychological development, using theatrical, dramatic tools, mainly Chekhovian techniques. The change that can be felt as a result of the training is not only and exclusively for use in a theatrical, stage environment, but actively contributes to the achievement of all personal development and self-awareness goals.

The location of the studio is Attention (1085 Budapest, Gyulai Pál utca 5. 5 minutes walk from Blaha Lujza Square).

For further information and registration please contact or call +36307550849.

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