The Budapest-Capital Regional Court ordered the registration of our association, the Talented Youth Workshop Association, by order of 23.09.2019.

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The association is called Talented Youth Workshop Association.
The association's abbreviated name: TIM
Address: Orczy út 11-15, 1089 Budapest IV/26.

The association's objective:
To support the creative, youth development, arts and community organizing activities of TIM Production.

The activities of the association include:

  • artistic activity, support for the creation of artistic works, financial and intellectual support for the creators, artists and professionals involved in the productions,
  • support for the creation and operation of theatre studios and other training, education and community activities to enable the training of young people,
  • financial support for the acquisition of material resources, theatre and film equipment and facilities for creative and training activities,
  • the organisation of professional programmes, training courses, courses and camps,
  • support for the training of teachers, professionals and leaders committed to arts education, individual development and youth,
  • financial and intellectual support for Hungarian alternative theatre, drama and drama pedagogical activities and workshops,
  • support for the preservation of Hungarian identity, culture, art and language and cultural heritage,
  • supporting local identity and culture,
  • providing financial and intellectual support for the artistic careers of talented young artists and promoting their mobility,
  • support for people living beyond the borders of Hungary, those who are impeded in their access to Hungarian culture, and promote their mobility,
  • support and mobility for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, for those who have difficulties in accessing learning, creative work, art and culture,
  • to create a network of artistic and cultural contacts at home, across borders and internationally, to coordinate creative, educational, artistic and community-organising activities with other groups, to provide financial support for travel and additional expenditure resulting from cooperation.

Our bank account number:
OTP Bank: 11708104-21455711


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