Who are we?
At the moment we can best be described as a community, a team, mainly organised around the Studio. We are all open-minded young people looking for connections, searching for self-identity and creative opportunities. In our alternative studio theatre, theatrical expression and cognition, self-knowledge and self-expression are important at the same time. Our profile evolves as the community changes, as time goes by. Our toolkit is mostly grown from theatrical practices, methods and techniques. We have joint projects, but we also support each other in achieving our own goals – in artistic and non-artistic life.

What is our story?
We have a long history of theatre performances and short films, all of which have contributed to our development. The nucleus of the group was formed in 2013 from a media class of the high school in Kiskunmajsa, led by Martin István Tőzsér. Later on, the focus gradually shifted to Budapest, and since 2019, we have been redefining our goals and opening up new opportunities through the establishment of the Talented Youth Workshop Association. In recent years, we have organised new trainings and camps for talented young people in cooperation with our partners in Budapest and Kiskunmajsa, with the support of several grants and support. Our studio has been operating with several groups since 2019.

Where are we going?
We see progress as good, and change as essential. So we are open to new opportunities, collaborations and to try ourselves in other fields and situations in the field of art, creation and experiencing everyday life. Our aim is to keep the faith that there are still places, groups, communities where we can commit ourselves honestly, without taboos, where we can find understanding and safety, partners and supporters.

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